Lauren conrad who is she dating aim dating younger

She started her TV career with Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County although she is probably mostly known from The Hills. She won Teen Choice Awards in Choice Female Reality TV category several years in a row.

We all know Lauren Conrad is, maybe, the most adorable mom-to-be of all time.

Justin ''Bobby'' Brescia never wanted to be a Hollywood star, he wanted to cut hair, play music and surf, so it is no wonder he is not willing to be diplomatic when it comes to the celebrities producers once called his friends.

Blaming her early rise to fame first through Laguna Beach then The Hills, Justin continued: 'You get a young girl like that, who has been on TV since she was 18, and her whole life's exposed - how do you get an actual normal person at that point?

You know, in the same way you sometimes think, “I want there to be a real live ostrich at my wedding one day,” or, “I hope I get the cool sofa when my parents retire (or die??? The cool thing about raising boys in today's day and age is you only need to teach them three things: Be honest. BUT ALSO how love is real and how you can't harden yourself to the cruelties of the world!!! This is such an exciting time for Lauren and her husband, and she had us swooning over her growing family in a previous post promoting her new swimwear line.But from the very beginning, Lauren was always the "together gal."To think it all started with a had been on for about a month and she was asked if she had any regrets about letting cameras into her life.She originally thought she was being featured in "a documentary about a group of friends," and she never expected the show to blow up like it did.She wasn't a raging partier, she didn't hate her parents, she had ambitions and interests that extended beyond seeing where the MTV spotlight took her and, most of all, she was ?Well, the MTV folks knew what they were doing, and L. was soon enmeshed in enough drama with fellows and frenemies to keep the show's legions of fans interested—but not so much that it seriously infringed on her potential for a real life once the cameras stopped rolling.The collection has all the swimsuits, coverups and beachy outfits you’ll need to get ready for summer.


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