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I checked the website Eater for its Heat Map, which includes new, tasty restaurants in the city. The stunning fact remained: it was quicker for my dad to find a wife than it is for me to decide where to eat dinner.

This kind of rigor goes into a lot of my decisionmaking.

A 2014 MONEY poll Newsfeed Watch This Woman React When a Dance Routine Turns Into an Epic Proposal When it comes to epic marriage proposals, a Los Angeles couple’s dramatic dance routine may take the cake.

The question nagged at me—not least because of my own experiences watching promising relationships peter out over text message—so I set out on a mission.

I read dozens of studies about love, how people connect and why they do or don’t stay together.

According to the AP, photographer Andrea Polito won her lawsuit against Newsfeed Elderly Couple Couple Traveled 5 Million Miles to Hit Every Cracker Barrel in America Except One America just found itself a new heroic couple.

Ray and Wilma Yoder, the 80-year-old Indiana-based couple, have made pilgrimages to 644 of 645 Cracker Barrel locations in the United States, Newsfeed Tinder Paid for a Woman's Flight After She Missed It Because Her Date Was Too Good If lurid tales of online dating have left you cynical, attend the tale of this Tinder user who not only used the dating app to great success, but even got a 0 reimbursement from the company after Newsfeed Watching This Tinder Couple Meet After Three Years of Texting Is as High-Pressure As You'd Expect A couple whose relationship went viral after it was revealed they had spent almost three years texting each other on Tinder, finally met in real life.


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