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You want to change your design so that you don't use the RW stuff anymore?Nobody on the forum has any idea what your design is.Once that works, remove Rogue Wave from the wrappers. From a detailed design point of view, what is needed to eliminate Rogue Wave from the C code.Just scanning for RW in the code, here is a list: RWCstring RWHash Dictionary RWHash Dictionary Iterator RWCollectable RWCollectable String RWCollectable Int RWGSlist RWBinary Tree RWBinary Tree Iterator RWSet RWSet Iterator RWSorted Vector RWTime RWTPtr Slist RWDBStatus RWDBDatabase RWDBReader RWDBTable RWDBManager RWDBResult RWOrdered RWInet Addr RWInet Port RWInet Host RWInet Type RWSocket RWxmsg RWDate RWBoolean RWTPtr Ordered Vector If you dont want to use the Rogue Wave then convert your code for STL, All the Rogue wave implementations are there in STLs also.Here we show that spheroidal carbonaceous particles (SCPs), a distinct form of black carbon produced from burning fossil fuels in energy production and heavy industry, provide unambiguous stratigraphic markers of the human activities that have rapidly changed planet Earth over the last century.SCPs are found in terrestrial and marine sediments or ice cores in every continent, including remote areas such as the high Arctic and Antarctica.

Review russian brides site- online dating agency, marriage agency ...We integrate global records of SCPs and propose that the global rapid increase in SCPs in sedimentary records can be used to inform a Global Standard Stratigraphic Age for the Anthropocene.A high-resolution SCP sequence from a lake or peatland may provide the much-needed ‘Golden Spike’ (Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point)..The daylight saving time (DST) function "RWZone::local()" does not seem to work correctly.The time changes exactly 1 hour before the official time.It reflects the current time of the Earth’s history when human activities have become one of the dominant forces shaping the planet implying that a new geological time division may be required.


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