Stopupdatinglocation problem

But still I can see the location icon in the status bar. Even when I terminate the app by double tapping the home button and closing it, the icon is still there... When I go to the Settings App, it tells me that my app is still using location services (purple icon). i OS is doing lots of optimizations and leaving the GPS on for some time is probably part of this.

But after this when I call start Update Location, my delegate method is not called. Location still monitoring after location Manager = nil and stop Updating Location called I'm trying a lot of things to stop the location update of my app but nothing seems work…Call this method whenever your code no longer needs to receive location-related events.Disabling event delivery gives the receiver the option of disabling the appropriate hardware (and thereby saving power) when no clients need location data.I am working on an application that uses the phone's current location.I've created a class that has a CLLocation Manager instance and implements the CLLocation Manager Delegate protocol to get location updates.What I do (regard of the post : Stop Updating Location method not working for i OS5) : // Initialise my location Ma Cant get new location after stop Updating Location - IOS I'm trying to get a users GPS coordinates from my app, which works fine, once.


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